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(ICIA 2018)

International Congress on the Iranian Archaeometry
(ICIA 2018)

The first International Congress on the Iranian Archaeometry (ICIA), is a most welcome forum to present the latest data and updates of the archaeometry research and archaeological science, covering the full spectrum of topics, materials, techniques, time span and global applications. This congress will be held in Tabriz, Islamic Republic of IRAN.
ICIA, a biannual regular congress, will be starting at 2018 in Tabriz by Tabriz Islamic Art University along with all Iranian related universities and institutions. Any kind of cooperation and suggestions from other universities or institutions are welcome.
The Congress Covers the Following Major Sessions :
• Archaeochronometry and new trends in dating methods
• Human environment and bioarchaeology
• Remote sensing, geophysical prospection and field archaeology
• Provenance and manufacturing technology of archaeological findings
• Artifact studies
• Mathematical methods
• Geophysical-survey techniques for buried features
• Conservation sciences, involving the study of decay processes and the development of new methods of conservation of stone, plaster and pigments, ceramics, glazes, glass and vitreous materials, and metals and metallurgical ceramics.

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